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Peragon Bed Cover Reviews

For over a decade, our customers have written to us, sent us photos, and spread the word about the Peragon aluminum bed cover. Read reviews customers have posted on independent review sites, as well as testimonials we've received.

The Peragon fits my needs in all aspects. The company's service level is something all companies should strive to have. It is absolutely amazing what they have already done so far. All in all VERY pleased with the cover. Thanks Peragon!

TJFX2EB, F150 Forum
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I purchased my first Peragon tonneau cover 8 years ago for a 2002 pickup. I trade trucks every few years and I get a new cover each time. This is an excellent product and the price point is more than inline with the quality. For the looks, security, durability and function - this product has it all.

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Completed! It took me about two hours to complete the installation. The improvements made on the cover make what I already believed to be a very good product even better. I'm sure this will last as long as I will keep the truck...and I keep mine for ten years or more.

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I would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid bed cover. It costs less than the competition and customer service on the level provided by Peragon is a rare thing these days, and much appreciated.

Razorback150, F150 Forum
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I bought this Peragon tonneau cover for my 2008 GMC Sierra extended cab. This bed cover adds just what you need for the perfect truck. I created this page to show other folks who are shopping for a truck bed cover what a great 5 star product this is. I'm very pleased with the fit and finish.

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When I was looking for a truck bed cover there were several requirements that were important for me. First was value, affordability. Second, it had to be functional. Third was quality. Fourth was style. When dealing with Peragon it was obvious that they were a company that believed in making a quality product.
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If you're looking for a bed cover you need to check this one out and you will not be disappointed. The reason we are writing this review is because we have had this cover for over two years and customer support is still excellent. Five stars all the way.
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The quality is high, and the cost is reasonable. Thank you so much for providing this great cover, at a great price, from a great American company. I will definitely be calling again when I buy my new truck.
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I called Peragon's customer service with an issue with a roller needing repaired and the seal on the back of the cover was coming off. I had the pleasure of speaking with Rodger. NO OTHER COMPANY HAS CUSTOMER SERVICE LIKE THIS! WOW! Unbelievably helpful! He took care of my issues in stride! With such a bargain as far as price, I was not expecting to have such top-notch service!

This cover was everything as advertised, I have had it for 5 years and would recommend it to others. No other bed cover compares to this one!
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I love this cover! It was very easy to install. The instructions were clear and precise. I have had so many compliments. The cover really matches my truck's look (2008 Silverado 1500). Retracts like a charm, very smooth! Thanks Peragon for a great product.

Rich B.
Jemez Springs, NM

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I would like to present to you our Dodge Hemi with your (now our) Peragon bed cover.

It's so easy to put together and mount on the bed of the truck that my husband actually figured it out! I usually get the job of assembling things but I was working so he had to take over. He sorted and laid everything out on the garage floor and very systematically did the assembly. I only helped with the mounting on the bed frame.

The cover adds to the sleek line of the truck and hides the bed which can get messy from time to time. It also helps with gas mileage and makes the truck more aerodynamic. We can take the truck shopping and the cover hides our quality purchases from those who might be looking for a cheap bargain.

Thanks Peragon.

Beth R.
Racine, WI

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I purchased my Peragon cover in April of 2008. I installed it on my 2008 Silverado, 2500HD, Crew Cab with a 6.5' bed. The installation was easy enough. I had the cover on and operating in a couple of hours. I was very amazed at the prompt shipping and how quickly the cover arrived. I discovered the Peragon cover while searching the Internet for a cover for my new truck. I had a solid fiberglass cover on my previous truck that rose up from the rear. It was constantly in the way when I need to haul something tall. The Peragon cover virtually disappears completely out of the way when in the open position. Everyone that sees it wants to know where I got it. I liked the fact that it was all aluminum and not plastic. A very good cover. Hope you can use my photos.


Keith O.
Fall Branch, TN

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I have received many compliments about the cover. It truly is one of the best out there. Great solid aluminum cover better than those cheap fold-up covers or fiberglass covers. This is tough and solid.

Fantastic, easy instructions and is so simple with great photos, only took a few hours... with a few breaks of course.

Secure and peace of mind when locked.

Thanks Peragon for making my truck look GREAT!

Vince P.
Calgary, AB

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I just bought one of your covers for my Dodge Dakota. You have a fantastic product and I couldnĂ­t be any happier. I spent a very long time looking for the right bed cover for my Dakota. Even had a bed cover retailer show enough interest for them to ask me for your web address when I went there to have a bed liner installed. Here are some pics of how it looks.

Thanks again; great product.

Scott M.
Derby, KS

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I am a customer that purchased a cover for my 2008 Silverado. I had some questions during the installation due to having the factory cargo management system on my truck. The questions were resolved in a professional and expedient manner. I would like nothing more than to feature my truck on your website, as I am very proud of my vehicle, with the added value of your outstanding product as part of it.


Steve B.
Stow, OH

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I hope you like the pictures I can take more for you if you would like. I have a professional grade camera and I live next to the beach. Let me know what you think. I was wondering if you were looking for a truck to sponsor out here on the West Coast. I would love to do some work with your great company. I think that this product could have a great following in the low rider scene. I have a lot of ideas for my truck and I could put your name all over my truck and drive around Southern California.


David G.
Oceanside, CA

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Here are a couple of pictures of my new bed cover. I hope you can use them. I love the way that this bed cover looks on a black truck. It was easy to install. The truck is a 2006 Toyota Tundra.

Thank you,

Bob T.
Palm Bay, FL

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Attached are some photos of your bed cover on my truck. I hope you can use these and I really like your product. Sorry for the cat's paw prints in the one image. Also, did you notice I had the back window tinted (20%) to match the cover? Now that says something about Peragon!

Have a Good One!

Steve A.
Franklin, OH

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Here are the pictures of the truck after I installed the Peragon cover. The installation was fairly easy & straightforward. It works great, because I can fold it up and load my quad and that was the main reason I purchased your truck cover.

It sure is smart looking on the truck.

Best Regards,

Ken N.
Trail, B.C.

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Hello Folks at Peragon,

Thank you for the opportunity to showcase my 2000 Dodge Dakota SLT and your product. I am very satisfied with the craftsmanship, operation and, so far, dependability. I have included several photos you can use. I did review the new manuals for installation and I am impressed. More detail, very clear instructions. Good job on the new manuals.

John P.
Des Moines, IA

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I really like the diversity of my new cover. I wanted a cover that I could use to either haul loads short or tall without having to completely take the cover off or have it folded up. This cover allows me flexibility that I was seeking. The assembly was not that difficult, although it took me five hours. But hey, I am a female and I did it alone. I consulted the web directions a couple of time, which helped immensely.

Thank you Peragon!!!

Marie W.
Riverside, RI

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Loving my Peragon cover! Straight forward installation, fits like a glove, and looks terrific!

Lou A.
Bernardsville, NJ

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I just wanted to say that I am a completely satisfied Peragon customer. Over 6 months ago I purchased one of your covers for my Ford F350 short bed truck. I love it. It is quick to open and close. It always gets an audience at Home Depot when I open or close it in literally seconds. Thanks for a great product!

Chris W.
Apex, NC

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Was glad to see the shipping confirmation of my cover yesterday morning when I checked my e-mail. I followed the delivery progress at the Fed Ex link provided. This is a super neat service, so needless to say by the time I left the office I knew that my cover had been delivered to my front door.

The boxes looked like they had made the journey okay, so I carried them into the garage and went in to change clothes and eat supper. My wife knew that I was anxious to open the boxes, so after supper I tried to play down my eagerness and said I was only going to open and inspect the contents. Well a little short of two hours later my cover was installed and looking good! I found the instructions very clear, it took a little head scratching not knowing the parts and layout of the unit having never seen one up close. When it came together it really took shape fast! I was careful to keep everything even and balanced and when I slid the cover into the track it was a perfect fit and operated very smoothly and securely. It not only operates great but looks fantastic on my Tundra. I am impressed, no drilling, and worked well with my factory bed liner and rail covers. I only had to trim four small notches in the bed liner to fit the mounting brackets to the stake pockets, not a big deal.

We had a heavy rain last night and I checked the truck bed this morning and it was dry as a bone.

Nice unit, I think I will be very happy with it and can't wait to show it off.


Doug W.
Mason City, IA

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The correct F1-SB parts kit did arrive on Friday as you indicated it would. We were able to complete the installation Friday and it looks fine. Your directions were not too difficult to follow and everything fell into place as the installation progressed. It is not a difficult install, but it does take time to interpret the instructions and make sure alignments are proper. It appears to be a high quality product and should serve our needs quite well. It fits nicely on the F-150 and does add to the looks of the truck.


Emerson E.
Scottsdale, AZ

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I just wanted to thank you and everyone there at Peragon. I have installed the cover and it looks great! You guys were extremely helpful in answering my questions during the installation and it went on like a charm. I have been showing it off to friends of mine that have the vinyl covers and they are really impressed. Again, thanks, and keep up the good work.

Steve S.
Montgomery, AL

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The bed cover arrived Thursday (a day earlier than I expected). It went on Friday and I'm thrilled with it. I put it to the test Saturday at a car wash and it worked perfectly. Thanks for working with me.

Sammy G.
Chattanooga, TN

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I really appreciated the time you took to discuss your product with me. It is not too often today that people take the time as you did. I have been looking at several different types of bed covers. I must admit that the fiberglass covers are my first choice, but concerns of impracticality over ride that. Out of the other roll up covers I have seen, yours by far shows the most forward thinking towards the end user. It is practical in every aspect. Ball bearings, replaceable panels, strength, and rubber bumpers between panels to name a few. I am excited for my order to arrive!

Dave P.
Lincolnshire, IL

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I purchased my cover back in January-February '01 and I am extremely pleased with the added benefits (ie. improved gas mileage, weather protection) I have received. Everywhere I go, I show off 'this cover' no one around here has ever seen. I am getting great responses from everyone who sees it work. I really do enjoy this cover and am extremely happy I found your website. Thank you for your help and testimony.

Mark H.
Kokomo, IN

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I wanted to thank you for this email and the return call. I actually figured out the assembly of the cover, then I found the instructions and then received your vm. I am sorry that I interrupted your long weekend. Thanks, again!! Your customer service is second to none!!!

Take Care,

Bill D.
Webster, MA

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I purchased a 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab in December and have been doing a lot of thinking about what style of bed cover would be the best combination of convenience, flexibility, security, and durability. Until I ran across your design, all other designs I saw suffered from some drawback:

  1. can't haul my bicycles with a fiberglass cover
  2. fabric tonneaus don't offer security
  3. vinyl-covered roll-up tonneaus won't last very long

You seem to have solved all of these issues with your design. I would think the covers with a roll-up canister might have some durability issues and would not be as convenient to remove from the truck as your design. I eagerly await the arrival of my cover.

Allan G.
Madison, AL

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The bed cover you sent me arrived in excellent condition, and I finally got around to installing it two weeks ago. I had to make a few modifications to my truck bed liner as the instructions said I would and figure the install time was a little over 4 hours. Of course, I had to triple check everything as it went together, I'm a little particular. We have had rain and snow this past week to give it a good test, and the cover performed real well. A little water got in but not enough to worry about, I just open the tailgate or cover at night in the garage and it dries out by morning. The cover looks great on my truck and have had people come over to check it out, they haven't seen any around here like it. Just wanted to let you know everything went well, and to thank you and your staff.

Steve H.
Cedar Bluffs, NE

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I've had my Peragon cover in service for about 7 weeks now and I am well-pleased. I have been on the highway a good bit, and it has done a good job of keeping boxes of documents that I was carrying clean and dry. The extra strip that you recommended to go around the tailgate opening really helps. I have received several compliments about the looks of the Peragon cover; one person even told me that she was sure it was a Ford factory installation because it looked like it was perfectly sized and fitted to the bed of the truck. A good product--I'd recommend to anyone.

Max W.
Midland, TX

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Thanks for the follow-up. I received the cover in A-1 shape, and installed it the next day. Careful adherence to the leveling of the rails resulted in flawless operation on the first "pull". My only concern regarding the unit is the ability to open it in the 115 degree summer sun here in AZ......those black panels get hot enough to fry an egg on!! Other than that, it's a winner!

Al C.
Fountain Hills, AZ

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I purchased a retractable cover from you about a year ago. I have had no problems with the cover. I have received many positive comments on the look and function of your cover. I try to steer these people to your site.

Christopher S.
Syracuse, NY

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I had an issue with the TU-SB cover I was installing. It was a bit confusing because, on the instruction sheet, the red dot was on the wrong side of the crossbar. I called, left a message, and one of your personnel, (I'm sorry I don't remember his name) called me back instantly and straightened me out. I was extremely happy about this quality of service. The rest of the installation was pretty straight forward. The unit is a quality cover. So far, I'm really pleased to have purchased one of your products. I hope that this observation helps to improve the installation of your TU-SB unit.

Ted C.
Franklinville, NJ

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Thanks for a nice cover. It arrived today and I just finished installing it. Looks great. Fits well. It was everything I expected.

Mike S.
Newark, CA

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I purchased a truck bed cover from you several months ago. It was delivered in good condition and installed just fine. Many people have commented on how nice it looks and works. I just wanted to drop this email and let you know that your product is great and is well advertised on the back of my Dakota R/T in New Jersey.

John D.
Demarest, NJ

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The cover arrived in good shape and I got it installed in about 2 hours, but then found it was binding. I placed a call to your customer service number during a holiday weekend, and got a call back, I'd guess within 2 hours. I can't remember the person's name that I spoke to, but he gave me some tips on things to look at, and the cover operated fine after making the tweaks he suggested. The cover looks great on the truck, it operates very neatly, and your customer service is excellent. It is a slick looking cover with a unique operating method.

Bill B.
Leesburg, VA

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I can't tell you how impressed I am with this cover. Installation was a little confusing but with a couple phone calls and less than 5 minutes total on the phone any questions I had were quickly answered. Basically the only reason the install took more than an hour or so is because of the type of bedliner I have - I did have to modify it to get the brackets on. Without the bedliner there it would have taken no time at all. Anyway, thank you for your help in getting this to me in exactly the time you specified and physically 100%. The packaging for your product is great! With any luck you'll be getting some calls for referrals soon, seems like everyone in a pickup truck that sees it open and close wants to buy one.

Jason H.
Wayne, PA

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Cover packages arrived in excellent condition. I got it installed in a short amount of time and with little effort. The directions were perfect and the use of color coded dots made it difficult to make any mistakes. Overall, great experience and I really like the design!

Marc B.
Hampton, VA

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Received the cover and it is installed ready for vacation. As with anything the next one I install should go pretty fast. Since I trade every two years, will be looking forward to doing business with you again in the future!

Dennis K.
Dubuque, IA

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My cover arrived right on schedule, and it is now installed and working very well. I like very much the quality of manufacture, the way it fits and the way it operates. Thanks for a great product. I hope you sell a million of them.

David G.
Eastham, MA

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