Frequently Asked Questions.

Have questions about your retractable aluminum truck bed cover? Click on a question to view an answer. Also feel free to contact us if you have any Peragon tonneau cover problems!

Company Information

Why buy Peragon?

Where is Peragon located?

Can I buy direct from Peragon?

Do you have any dealers in my area?

How many covers have you sold?

How long have you been in business?

Materials & Durability

What is the cover made of?

How strong is it?

How much weight can I put on it?

Does the cover have a vinyl surface?

Will it dent?

What if one of the panels is damaged?

Product Size & Weight

How light is the cover?

How small is the cover when retracted?

What size packages does the cover ship in?

Product Operation

How easy is the cover to operate?

How does it operate?

Can I open the tailgate separately?

Product Information

What if you don’t offer a cover for my truck?

What colors do you offer?

Is it quiet when driving?

Is the cover waterproof?

Does the cover have a key lock?

Is there a warranty on the cover?

Installation & Compatibility

How easy is installation?

What tools will I need?

Will it work with bed liners?

Will it work with bed rail caps and accessories?

Will it work with bed extenders?

Will it work with a fifth wheel hitch?

Will it work with a tool box?

Does Peragon offer custom applications?