peragon retractable folding truck bed covers manufacturing facility

Why only $799?

Peragon retractable aluminum truck bed covers are just $799, far below any comparable bed cover. Why such a low price? The truck tonneau cover you buy from us goes directly from our production line to your truck. If we sold through traditional distribution channels, the layers of markup would double our price – or more. For over a decade, we’ve refined our production process to ensure you’ll always receive the highest quality without paying a premium.

Quality Construction of Folding Tonneau Cover

From Factory to Doorstep

Every Peragon bed cover is built with pride in Shell Lake, Wisconsin. The main components are solid aluminum, computer machined for perfection every time. After the satin black powder coat finish is baked on, we hand-assemble the cover and place it in a box for delivery. Check out our Peragon photos to see the quality for yourself.

Order a Tonneau Cover from the Factory at a Low Price

High Quality at a Low Factory Direct Price

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