A truck bed cover
made from solid aluminum

No vinyl. No plastic. No foam.

The guide rails and panels are manufactured from single pieces of aircraft grade aluminum. Each rail is extruded and machined to follow the exact lines of your truck bed, while the panels are laser-cut to ensure a perfect fit every time. For the finishing touch, we bake a satin black powder coat on at 400 degrees. The assembled cover provides impressive strength and rigidity combined with a fit and finish worthy of your truck.

  • Aluminum Extrusion
    The guide rails are first extruded from solid aluminum then CNC machined to within thousandths of an inch for a perfect fit.
  • CNC Machining for a Perfect Fit
    The panels are laser-cut from aircraft-grade aluminum and then hydraulically formed into single-piece panels using a computer-controlled press.
  • Finished with a Black Satin Powder Coating
    The solid aluminum panels then have a satin black powder coat baked on at over 400 degrees for a tough-as-nails finish.