Oftentimes we talk about the big features behind our Peragon hard tonneau covers for sale. It is easy to focus on these features, but we believe that real quality is in the details and that the form and function of the Peragon folding truck bed cover comes from the sum of all of these details that we’ve perfected over the last 16 years.

Panel InterlocksPanel Interlocks

Center panel interlocks tie the panels together in the center, greatly improving strength, flatness and stability over time. Our interlock design increases the security and improves the aesthetic of the Peragon tonneau cover.

Sealed Lock Capsealed-lock-cap

A rubber cap over the deadbolt lock seals out the elements, preventing dust and dirt from corroding the lock mechanism and snow and ice from building up inside, preventing use during cold winter conditions.

Steel DeadboltSteel Deadbolt

A robust 3/8″ steel deadbolt and available dual deadbolt system offers significantly improved security.

Improved Quick Release MechanismQuick Release

With a simple spring clip and lever-release gas struts, you can quickly and easily remove the folding truck bed cover. There are no cumbersome push-pins to deal with meaning you can literally remove the retractable truck bed cover in seconds. Really.

Factory-Installed Rail Lip SealFactory-Installed Rail Lip Seal

A re-designed and factory-installed rail lip seal uses either a slide-in channel (pictured) or 3M VHB bonding system. This ensures a tight seal on the truck bed sides and prevents any loss of adhesion over time.

No Ramp CrossbarNo ramp crossbar

Our open-bed design offers you complete flexibility and use of your entire truck bed–there is no crossbar or canister getting in your way. In order to stabilize the panel ramps, we’ve designed a wall stabilizer system that keeps the ramps perfectly in place and enables this open-bed design.

Rear Panel/Tailgate SealRear Panel/Tailgate Seal

The custom-designed rear panel seal is recessed under the “nose” of the aluminum panel, giving it a much cleaner appearance and securing it in place. This design prevents any seal separation with extended use and creates a tight seal with the tailgate of the truck.

Improved Gas SpringsImproved Gas Springs

Improved gas springs apply the perfect amount of pressure to the panels to create a tight seal with the rail seals, while offering easy operation. With balanced gas springs, we’ve made it easier to open the panels as it does not require a great amount of downward force. In addition, our gas springs release at the flip of a lever for quick-releasing the cover in seconds.

Rubber End CapsRubber End Caps

We’ve designed custom fit end caps for a perfectly finished look. With short rubber “skirts,” the end caps make a beautiful transition to the tailgate that is consistent with the fit and finish of your truck.

Hinge and Bearing AssembliesHinge and Bearing Assemblies

All hinge and bearing assemblies are a high quality steel-on-steel mechanism. Heat-treated steel pivot joints between panels greatly increase strength and security.

Roller BearingsRoller Bearings

High quality roller bearings with a black thermoplastic tire enable smooth, quiet operation and improved corrosion resistance.

Re-Engineered Panel SealsRe-Engineered Panel Seals

The re-engineered panel seals use an automotive grade compound with improved geometry for a tighter seal that holds up well over time.

Nylock NutsNylock Nuts

Nylock nuts on all hardware prevent loosening of components throughout the life and extended use of your truck and Peragon bed cover.

Panel BumpersPanel Bumpers

Rubber bumpers between all panels ensure that panels do not rub together or rattle while retracted.

Reinforced Rear Panel

The re-engineered rear panel means added strength. Go ahead and use your folding truck bed cover as a temporary platform while loading and unloading!

Robust Mounting System

A re-designed bracket mounting system creates a stable foundation for the cover that will maintain alignment over time.